ABOUT US – LivingAliveStore


Living Alive Store has a mission to help as many as possible achieve just that, to      LIVE ALIVE.

Helping to gather and make environmentally and socially responsible products readily available on one site.

We will be providing Non GMO, organic, and environmentally safe products from responsible suppliers, for your Home, Pet, Health, Garden, and Self.

We also pledge to do all we can to support other organizations and companies that share the same morals.

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"I have been using this website for the past four months and I love it.

Now in days is very hard to find healthy foods out there, is good to know that there are online stores helping the cause of non GMO foods and organic products and thats the reason I fell in love with this store, because it not only make you feel safe about the things you are eating but also helps with many other products for your house, pets, and skin which is great, they take the responsibility to keep the people up to date with the best products in the market. I personally recommend this website for those who care about themselves, their future generation.

Thank you Living Alive." Katy P.


"Love Love Love