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Regional Wildflower Seed Bombs


$ 7.00

Practice random acts of gardening with these seed bombs! Five gumball-sized balls are packed into each muslin pouch, ready for gift-giving. This variety helps support a sustainable wildlife habitat in your backyard for birds, butterflies, bees, and small mammals. Each variety grows hardy native and naturalized wildflowers that will attract birds, bees and butterflied to your garden. Please choose the regional variety best suited to your location.

Seed bombs can be planted in the Spring, Summer and early Fall. Just throw and grow! The ball will break up on impact with the ground, and rain will further disintegrate it. The red clay and worm castings in the seed bombs enrich the soil around the seeds, helping your wildflowers grow. You can purchase this item during the Fall and Winter months; just remember to keep the seed bombs cool, dark and dry until all danger of frost has passed in the Spring, and then throw them as usual.

Dimensions: approx. 3 x 4.5 inches

Weight: approx. 1-2 oz.


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